Alex Karpovskys psychosexual thriller Rubberneck gets North American release

This past 4-20 we smoked up the trailer for RUBBERNECK, Alex Karpovsky's psychosexual thriller we hoped would land a release date after its Tribeca screening. No such luck then, but now, some 8 months later, word has dropped that Tribeca Film has acquired North American rights to the flick.

According to a presser, Tribeca Film plans to release RUBBERNECK in February 2013, including select theatrical and on demand in more than 40 million homes in the U.S. and Canada through a variety of video-on-demand offerings, as well as iTunes, Amazon Watch Instantly, VUDU, Xbox, Google Play and YouTube.

Written, directed and starring Karpovsky - RUBBERNECK follows:

Paul Harris, who works at a small research facility on the outskirts of Boston. After a weekend tryst with a co-worker leaves him wanting more, his unreciprocated desires gradually mold into an acute infatuation. When Danielle takes interest in a new scientist at the laboratory, Paul's suppressed resentments and perverse delusions finally become unhinged, triggering a horrific course of events that mercilessly engulf a tortured past and fugitive present.

Jaime Ray Newman (below), Dennis Staroselsky, Amanda Good Hennessey, Sara Murphy, Dakota Shepard and Marianna Bassham also star.

Extra Tidbit: Didn't Jim Carrey do an early flick called RUBBERNECK?
Source: Tribeca Film



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