Alex Kurtzman talks big screen adaptation of Locke & Key

We learned way back in June that Universal Studios will be moving forward with a big screen adaptation of IDW's LOCKE & KEY with writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci producing. Recently, Kurtzman spoke with Collider saying that he's hopeful to not only get one film made but many. "We have locked down on a writer who really came up with a brilliant way to take the best of the first couple graphic novels and play out a complete first movie story with a lot of promise of future movies, which is really our goal... I believe in it so much, and I believe in Joe Hill.  All I want is to make that movie."

So who's the lucky writer that's finally going to help bring LOCKE & KEY to life? Kurtzman wouldn't spill any details but he did say, "We’re very close, though.  Hopefully, it will be out soon.  We really loved it, too.  But, it will live on as a movie now, and hopefully many." Whoever it is certainly has a pretty daunting task ahead of them but I'm pretty confident that they found the right person for the job — we'll just have to wait and see.

The comic series, created by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez, goes a little something like this:

Locke & Key tells of three siblings who, after the gruesome murder of their father, move to their ancestral home in Massachusetts. They soon discover the house has magical keys that give the bearers a vast array of powers and abilities. However, a devious creature is also after the keys, forcing the family to make a stand against evil.

Ted Adams, the CEO and publisher of IDW Publishing, the company behind the comic, will also produce. Executive vp production Jon Mone and creative executive Jay Polidoro will oversee the project for Universal, while Ben Kim will handle development for K/O Paper Products.

Extra Tidbit: Are you glad to finally see LOCKE & KEY headed to the big screen?
Source: Collider



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