Alexandra Daddario is down for another Texas Chainsaw sequel

Whether or not TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D performs in the box office next year, star Alexandra Daddario is already down for a sequel. It seems the new entry is looking to be a franchise springboard and Daddario is primed and ready for more chainsaw swinging action.

"I was really excited to be a part of the franchise and I'm grateful and be happy to do another one, it'd be great," the actress said in a recent interview. "I know I'd like to make it something new and different. One of the things I like about [Texas Chainsaw] is it deviates from what people expect it to be." So... it isn't about a backwoods man child that slashes people up with power tools? Because that's exactly what I expect it to be.

If TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D really is taking the series in a bold new direction, it makes sense that Daddario could be the "Final Girl" glue that holds the franchise together. Besides, she's way easy on the eyes. Hopefully her acting proves as appealing on January 4th, when she's joined by Trey Songz, Tania Raymond, Bill Moseley, Dan Yeager, and Scott Eastwood in TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D. Expect more updates on the John Luessenhop sequel as the release date closes in and talkback with your thoughts on more Daddario below.

Extra Tidbit: Can we assume Dan Yeager would be down to dawn the skin mask for another entry, too?
Source: STYD



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