Aliens: Colonial Marines "Escape" trailer lets you be the Xenomorph

We at Arrow in the Head typically shy away from video game news outside of the weekly The Bleeding Joystick column, but I can’t on good conscious ignore a new trailer for ALIENS: COLONIAL MARINES. 

The clip advertises the upcoming game’s multiplayer mode “Escape”, which allows players to take the role of a Marine or Xenomorph. You may be saying to yourself, “Well, Sega’s last crack at the franchise, ALIEN VS. PREDATOR, had a playable Xenomorph, what’s so special about this one?” Well, this one offers four different types of Xeno. Three of them resemble the different Alien designs from the original trilogy, while the fourth, dubbed the “Spitter”, is an all new type. It sort of reminds me of the Pred-Alien from AVP:R, but with a neon green lit head and no stupid dreadlocks.

The game’s storyline picks up after the events of ALIENS on the abandoned U.S.S. SULACO after it's recovered in Hadley’s Hope’s orbit. Wouldn’t you know it-- the damn thing turns out to be infested with Xenomorphs and first-person-shooting ensues. The game is set for release February 12, 2013, making it the perfect Valentine’s Day present for your ALIENS-loving better half. Check out the clip below and stay frosty, Marines.

Extra Tidbit: Finish this quote: "Hey, Vasquez, has anyone ever mistaken you for a man?"
Source: Game Spot



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