Aliens: Colonial Marines pre-order trailer makes you the ultimate badass!

ALIENS: COLONIAL MARINES looks to redefine badass on its February 13th drop date. Sure, it doesn’t appear to break the FPS mold, but it does look like the completely immersive, white knuckle ALIENS tie-in fans have been wanting since 1986. After watching the pre-order trailer for the game, I can tell you this will probably be the definitive ALIENS game experience.

The trailer, which you can see below, advertises a number of added bonuses included with the pre-order. These special features include the chance to “Follow in the footsteps of legends” and play as Hicks, Hudson, Apone, and Drake. In terms of weapons, Ripley’s flame thrower/pulse rifle hybrid is also included. Talk about sonic electronic ball breakers...

ALIENS fans, do you need any more incentive to go ahead and pre-order the game? I can register one complaint-- the lovely ladies of the film aren't included. I can understand omitting Ripley (I doubt Sigourney Weaver would sign over her likeness), but no Vasquez? There isn't a tougher character in the flick. Where's the love? I’m also shocked there’s no Bishop, especially as the character was included in the previous ALIENS VS. PREDATOR game.

Still, these omissions will not keep me from purchasing the game. Check out the pre-order trailer below and go ahead and secure your copy for the X-Box 360, PS3, or PC while you're at it. And stay frosty, Marines.

Extra Tidbit: I also would like a boss fight with one of the Engineers from PROMETHEUS. That would be sick.
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