All You Need Is Kill scribe Joby Harold to rewrite Twilight Zone movie for Warner

Back in November, word dropped in that SHERLOCK HOLMES scribe Tony Peckham had been brought in to rewrite Warner Bros.' new TWILIGHT ZONE movie. Well, looks like his draft didn't pass muster...

Variety is now reporting that ALL YOU NEED IS KILL scribe Joby Harold is in talks to try a new TWILIGHT ZONE draft, this being the third attempt (Jason Rothenberg wrote an original draft). LET ME IN's Matt Reeves is still onboard to direct the flick, which won't be an anthology, but rather a single-story tentpole. My guess is that's why these writers are having such a difficult time.

Warner wants a more sci-fi friendly script to shoot, and this Harold guy, having ALL YOU NEED IS KILL set up with Doug Liman, Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt (below), seems an apt choice. He also wrote the 2007 thriller AWAKE, and has Brian De Palma attached to direct his thriller-script THE KEY MAN.

Let's hope Harold nails it and this will be the last news article on TWILIGHT ZONE's writers.

You think it'll hold or what?

Smokin' Blunt!

Extra Tidbit: Too many writers a problem here?
Source: Variety



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