Amanda Seyfried's box office turkey Gone coming to Blu-ray this May!

Did you see GONE when it was in theaters a few months ago? Ha, of course not. No one did. (Well, except for The Arrow, but that's only because it's his duty to see the turds so you don't have to.) The film opened to a meager $4 million here in the U.S., on its way to a truly dismal $12 million total worldwide. Apparently, this one had SKIP written on its face from the get-go, even if that face belongs to the beautiful Amanda Seyfried.

However, it may have also had wait for home video written there as well. If that was the case for you, you'll get a chance to rescue this lost puppy when it comes to DVD and Blu-ray MAY 29th. Special features aren't available yet, but you can peep the box art to the right.

GONE follows a desperate young woman who, after being ignored by the police, is forced to go on the hunt alone for a maniacal serial killer whom she believes has kidnapped her sister.

The Heitor Dhalia-directed thriller stars Seyfried, Jennifer Carpenter, Sebastian Stan, Wes Bentley, Daniel Sunjata, Joel David Moore and Michael Pare. If you're feeling generous, you can pre-order the DVD right HERE or the Blu-ray HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Will you kidnap GONE and call it your own when it hits shelves next month?
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