Amanda Wyss is Triggered in a serial killer comedy

Triggered Chris Moore Amanda Wyss

The original A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET's Amanda Wyss has just finished working on writer/director/producer Chris Moore's serial killer comedy TRIGGERED, in which she plays high school principal Gloria Fielding. The folks over at Bloody-Disgusting got the exclusive first look at Wyss as Fielding in the image above.

TRIGGERED has the following synopsis: 

In a haze of desperation, Callee and Ian, two high school social justice warriors, fake an attack by their town’s serial killer for a little attention. The plan backfires when the real killer goes after them.

Wyss's co-stars include Meredith Mohler, Jesse Dalton, Arian Thigpen, Keni Bounds, Holly Bonney, and Kirsty Hatfield.

Production on TRIGGERED will have wrapped by the end of the month. A teaser trailer for the film has already been released and can be seen below. If you'd like to get a further preview of the Callee character, she also has her own YouTube channel.

In an interview with TheBlood-Shed, Wyss described TRIGGERED as "AIRPLANE hilarious".

Extra Tidbit: Are you interested in TRIGGERED?



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