Amazon Studios is going to take you to Holland, Michigan

Amazon Studios

Amazon Studios has acquired a spec script written by Andrew Sodroski that's titled HOLLAND, MICHIGAN and is described as a "Hitchcockian thriller", which is always a promising description in my book.

Sodroski's screenplay has been making the rounds for a while now, even being featured on the Black List, the annual list of the most liked unproduced screenplays on the market, in 2013. In 2014, it looked like HOLLAND, MICHIGAN was going to be happening with Errol Morris directing, but it never made it into production. Now the project is moving forward at Amazon, with Pacific View Management & Production's Peter Dealbert set to produce.

The story, which mixes dark humor in with its thrills, follows 

a Midwestern housewife who suspects that her husband is having an affair. As she peels back the surface of her seemingly perfect life, she learns her husband might be leading a dark, secret life.

That's a sort of story that has been told a time or two before, but I'm up for seeing Sodroski's take on the situation.

Filming on HOLLAND, MICHIGAN might start in the spring.

Naomi Watts, Bryan Cranston, and Edgar Ramirez had been cast to star in the film when Morris was at the helm, but it's probably not likely that they'll be involved with this version. Ramirez was quoted as saying that the story is "the perfect combination of humor, irony, drama, and horror."

Naomi Watts

Naomi Watts

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