AMC plans another genre series with sci-fi high-rise tale "99 Stories"

Well folks AMC seemed to hit pay-dirt with the record-breaking genre drama "The Walking Dead." So why stop there?! The Hollywood Reporter just dropped word that AMC are moving forward with another genre series! Excited? You should be.

The series in question is something called "99 Stories" and is coming our way from scribe David Seltzer. James Middleton and Steven Banks are on board as executive producers. The rundown for the sci-fi horror series reads:

"99 Stories" is set in a new 99-story high-rise building in which a group of strangers gets trapped.

Simple enough. Seltzer even opened up a bit about the project: "Each story presents a different kind of challenge for the group. The elevators are in control of destiny, whittling them out by deciding who they deem deserve to go up."

So there you have it folks! "99 Stories" sound like it have potential? This schmuck sure thinks so! This shite will be dropping during AMC's Monsterfest, which is 240 hours of non-stop horror films(!) as well as online video. We'll keep our eyes open for an exact date as well as any new details that might pop up so be sure to check back soon for more on "99 Stories" as we hear it.

Extra Tidbit: David Seltzer wrote both THE OMEN and it's remake, the latter of which starred Julia Stiles (above).
Source: THR



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