AMC taps new showrunner for The Walking Dead season 4? Find out who!

You can change showrunners all you want, but if you keep deploying your viewership dough on the more "prestigious" "Mad Men" and "Breaking Bad," "The Walking Dead" will only continue to suffer.

After announcing three weeks ago that second showrunner Glen Mazzara was set to depart after the third season of the hit zombie show, AMC has decided to give the responsibility to Scott Gimple (looking like a narc there to the right). Nothing is official yet, but it appears Gimple will run "The Walking Dead" for the 4th season and beyond. Remember, show creator Frank Darabont was unceremoniously let go after the first season, when even he thought the network was skimping on the requisite resources.

Gimple, for your information, wrote the script for GHOST RIDER: SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE, as well as wrote for "Life" and "FlashForward." Not sure that inspires enthusiasm for "TWD" moving forward, but as long as 10 million mofos tune in (as on the series finale), no one will care. Personally, I feel the show has gotten cheaper and cheaper looking while popularity has gotten stronger and stronger. At what point will these two things come to a head?

But really, who gives a F what I think. What do YOU think? Is changing showrunners this frequently a good thing? Are you concerned for the future quality of "TWD"?

Extra Tidbit: Hey Scott, do us all a solid and get SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE star Violante Placido (above) for a TWD role!
Source: Variety



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