American Horror Story co-creator shares some details on season 2

Speaking at a panel promoting the series at the TV Academy in North Hollywood, AMERICAN HORROR STORY co-creator Ryan Murphy dropped some interesting hints as to the setting and characters of the FX series' second season. Here's what he had to say about...

...the location and time season 2 will take place in:

"[Season 2] is set on the East Coast at an institution for the criminally insane that is run by Jessica [Lange]."

"It's a completely different world and has nothing to do with Season 1; there's not a mention of Season 1. The second season is set in a completely different time period."

...the new and returning cast members:

"The idea is to work with actors that you love and are excited by. The second season, everybody who was announced, there will be other people up on this stage who are not announced who will also be in it but are playing the polar opposite of what they were in the first season in every way"

...on Maroon 5's Adam Levine:

"He's a sexy guy so he needs to play a sexy guy, but the guy that is different than who you think he would play. I pitched him the part and he listened, slack jawed, and simply said 'I'm in.' The second season is fun, sexy and baroque. It has a lot of meat to it; it's a really gritty part. He's with a girl and they play characters called The Lovers."

Some of the cast members that joined Murphy on stage (including  Evan Peters, Connie Britton,  Zachary Quinto, Jessica Lange, Dylan McDermott, Alexandra Breckenridge [below] and Denis O'Hare) added some personal insight. In particular, Quinto had this to say on his fresh start with the series:

"The notion of coming back and playing something totally different and in a totally different world with many of the same actors, it's probably one of the more exciting things that has come across my plate in recent years. I'm really looking forward to it."

AMERICAN HORROR STORY producers are to present the concept of season 2 to FX bigwigs as soon as next week, so we're bound to hear more on the story.



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