American Horror Story season 7 reclaims Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters

American Horror Story Evan Peters Sarah Paulson

Just this morning, it was announced that the popular FX series American Horror Story has been renewed until its ninth season in 2019, but for now we're still waiting for the seventh to even premiere. The first casting announcement has just been made: series stalwarts Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson will both be returning for the season, which will be set in the present day.

Obviously, the exact nature of the season's theme is still a mystery. Says showrunner Ryan Murphy:

There are only three people who know what season 7 is about. Dana Walden, John Landgraf and Sarah Paulson.

Presumably he's also on that list too, but we're not getting any details out of him quite yet.

Both Peters and Paulson have been on the show since the very first season, and for good reason. Through thick and through thin, the show has provided them with meaty, interesting roles that would delight any actor looking to test their limits. Just in six seasons, Paulson has played a medium, a headstrong reporter, a witch, a set of Siamese twins, a drug-addled ghost, and a haunted actress, sometimes at the same time. You can't turn that down!

More news will come as Murphy begins his customary slow drip of information to promote the season!

Extra Tidbit: What do you think the theme of season 7 should be?
Source: Deadline



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