American Pie's Thomas Ian Nicholas heads to a remote cabin in The Lost Tree

I wonder how many horror flicks are out there that take place at a cabin in the woods. It seems every time I turn a corner there's another one coming out. But you know, that's alright with me. As long as they continue to be entertaining I'm willing to let them keep on rolling.

That brings me to today's update, which involves yet another cabin-in-the-woods project. This time the flick is THE LOST TREE and according to Variety, AMERICAN PIE vet Thomas Ian Nicholas will be headlining. Check out the simple rundown for this one:

"The Lost Tree" centers around a man (played by Nicholas) who leaves his old life behind after a horrific tragedy and moves to an isolated cabin to start over.

Sounds good to me. THE LOST TREE will be coming at us from Brian A. Metcalf, who is not only directing but writing and producing as well. Nicholas and Ben Chan will also be producing with Red Compass Media handling production.

Sure, it's not a whole lot to go on but do you really want the whole flick spoiled for you in a lengthy synopsis? No, I didn't think so. Expect more from THE LOST TREE soon considering principal photography is slated to start on this bad larry this October.

Extra Tidbit: Thomas Ian Nicholas actually worked with director Brian A. Metcalf on last year's horror flick FADING OF THE CRIES, which also starred Mackenzie Rosman (above).
Source: Variety



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