Amityville helmer Andrew Douglas to remake Chinese horror flick Rapture

From an American remake to a Chinese one...

According to Deadline, THE AMITYVILLE HORROR (2005) director Andrew Douglas is in line to redo the Chinese horror flick CHUNMENG, calling the new version RAPTURE. Word is the movie will see a mysterious ghost story in the vein of ROSEMARY'S BABY and WHAT LIES BENEATH. Nothing wrong with that!

Here's a synopsis for the 2013 CHUNMENG movie:

Fang Lei, a Beijing housewife, is leading a peaceful and affluent life with her husband and daughter. Life goes by until one day a man appears in her dreams. His appearance is unclear, but the touch of his body is awakening a woman Fang Lei didn't know she could be. This shadow slowly becomes the lover she can't live without. Afraid of starting to loose her mind, she turns to a Taoist Monk for help. But the separation with her inner ghost is too painful and she soon returns to him."

Whoa now. Sounds crazy! Adam Davenport will pen the script to RAPTURE, which Douglas has likened to LET THE RIGHT ONE IN and THE EXORCIST...dramatic horror yarns with elements of mystery. The English language adaptation is being produced by Primary Wave Entertainment and THE ORPHANAGE overseer Jaoquin Padro. Sales are expected to continue next month at the AFM.

I miss Amityville's Melissa George!

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Source: Deadline



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