An Expendables TV show could be in the works!

Would you be able to handle Barney Ross and his team of hulking badasses on a weekly basis?

It appears that this is a very real possibility, if Deadline.com is to be believed. The site says that Lionsgate, which of course distributes the EXPENDABLES flicks, has a plan to convert several of their movies into TV shows. CEO Jon Feltheimer made the announcement during a conference call with Wall Street stock analysts (must have been a thrilling call, that one), and while EXPENDABLES wasn't specifically mentioned, Deadline has it on good authority that it's one of the main contenders.

RED (based on the film starring Bruce Willis) and STEP UP are other flicks that could make the transition.

One would have to wonder if a show called THE EXPENDABLES could be done with Sly, Jet, Statham and the rest at a reasonable cost and with a schedule that allowed the actors to work on feature films. Or would the idea be that we'd be focusing on a new team, with only cameos from the crew we know from the films? OR would they dare cast new actors in the same roles? Just spitballing here, but whatever the scenario is, it's hard to picture...

Meanwhile, THE EXPENDABLES 2 hits theaters in August, and its box office performance could go a long way toward determining the solidity of a television adaptation.

EXPENDABLES' Charisma Carpenter

Extra Tidbit: What do you think an EXPENDABLES TV show would look like? Would you tune in?
Source: Deadline.com



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