An Outbreak is headed to the small screen

The horror genre continues to thrive on the small screen as NBC has given a pilot production commitment to "Outbreak", an hour-long series based on the hit 1995 Warner Bros feature directed by Wolfgang Petersen and starring Dustin Hoffman, Morgan Freeman and Rene Russo. This marks one of the biggest commitments to a drama project so far this development cycle. Former "ER" executive producers John Wells and Jack Orman are reuniting with NBC for the new high-profile medical drama project.

Right now the show is being described as a medical thriller that follows an ensemble of characters as they race to contain a lethal virus before it becomes a global pandemic. There's definitely a lot of potential with a TV series that's driven by the fear of a horrifying virus with the potential to wipe out the entire world. If they can piece a solid cast together then I could see this one being a hit for NBC — hopefully we'll get a solid dose of skin melting practical effects as well — yummy!

Rene Russo starred in 1995's OUTBREAK

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Source: Deadline



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