Anchor Bay and Raven Banner picks up FX vet Paul Jones' Buzzkill

Paul Jones, the special effects and makeup veteran whose work has graced films such as 100 FEET, THE THING, SILENT HILL and GINGER SNAPS to name but a few, is gearing up to helm his directorial debut with BUZZKILL, and according to Screen Daily the film's Canadian and UK rights have already been acquired by Anchor Bay Entertainment Canada, Anchor Bay Entertainment (UK) and Raven Banner Entertainment.

Production is set to begin in Canada later this year on the story of...

a small town built on the site of a former Nazi POW camp where the Third Reich conducted research on dead soldiers.

Sounds like familiar territory with many Nazi-themed zombie flicks saturating the market over the past few years, but with an effects veteran like Jones at the helm I'm sure we'll be in for a gruesome affair.

Anchor Bay Canada general manager Rob Herholz certainly thinks so, stating...

“Buzzkill represents a great collaboration between Raven Banner, Anchor Bay Canada and Anchor Bay UK. We look forward to the intense, and grisly rollercoaster ride that the film is destined to become.”

Here's hoping Jones and company delivers something new, exciting and bloody with BUZZKILL. We'll keep you updated on the film as we hear it.


Extra Tidbit: Are you tired of the Nazi zombie subgenre or does BUZZKILL sound like something you'd be up for checking out?
Source: Screen Daily



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