Andrea Berloff on The Legend of Conan script, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger

Back in October we learned that the long-awaited THE LEGEND OF CONAN had found its writer in Andrea Berloff who is best known for scripting WORLD TRADE CENTER and most recently adapted the French action film SLEEPLESS NIGHT for Warner Bros. THE LEGEND OF CONAN is about as far away from those two films as you can get, so would Berloff be up to the tall task?

The folks over at The Arnold Fans got the latest word from Berloff who had this to say, "I am completely thrilled and honored to be writing Conan. My fingers are nearly worn down to tiny, bloody nubbins as I'm working to give this iconic character new life, while still holding true to the qualities that made fans fall in love with him in the first place. It is no small task to tackle one of the greatest legends of all times but I have a fantastic team of producers around me and we are all ridiculously excited about how our beloved barbarian is developing. Stay tuned!"

It's unbelievably cool to see that THE LEGEND OF CONAN is actually moving along so nicely. Before you know it we'll be seeing Conan back on the big screen doing what he does best; destroying any motherf*cker stupid enough to get in his way!

THE LEGEND OF CONAN is set to go into production later this year after TERMINATOR: GENESIS, and is being produced by Fredrik Malmberg through Paradox Entertainment and Chris Morgan & Emile Gladstone through their Chris Morgan Productions.

"The idea is that this takes place AFTER Conan has been king," Malmberg tells the site. "The whole idea that got Arnold so enthusiastic about the new creative take is, CAN HE live up to the legend he is?" Conan is in his mid 60s now, so he will have to fight through an aging warrior body, having cracking bones, aches and having to get back into the battle."

I could be the only one, but I kind of wish that the new TERMINATOR flick would take a back seat to THE LEGEND OF CONAN. I want it now!

Extra Tidbit: Do you guys think Arnold still has what it takes to bring Conan back to life?
Source: The Arnold Fans



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