Andy Muschietti casts Megan Charpentier of Mama and It in Locke & Key

Megan Charpentier

Actress Megan Charpentier (pictured above with Grumpy Cat, with whom she starred in GRUMPY CAT'S WORST CHRISTMAS EVER) is just sixteen years old, but she has already been acting for ten years, wracking up more than thirty credits. Among those credits are the genre films JENNIFER'S BODY, RED RIDING HOOD, RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION and TV shows Supernatural and R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour.

Charpentier will next be seen in this weekend's Stephen King adaptation IT, in which she plays a character named Greta Bowie. IT was her second time working with director Andy Muschietti, as she had also played one of the two little girls at the heart of his film MAMA.

Muschietti and Charpentier have now set up their third collaboration. The actress has signed on to play the role of Kinsey Locke in the pilot for Locke & Key, which Muschietti is directing for Hulu.

Locke & Key is an adaptation of the IDW comic book created by Stephen King's son, author Joe Hill. Hill developed the potential Hulu series with Carlton Cuse, who will serve as showrunner. Locke & Key is 

a horror/fantasy series that revolves around three siblings who, after the gruesome murder of their father, move to their ancestral home in Maine with their mother Nina only to find the house has magical keys that give them an array of powers. Little do they know, a devious demon also wants the keys, and will stop at nothing to attain them.

Frances O'Connor will be playing Nina, with Charpentier's fellow IT star Jackson Robert Scott as youngest Locke sibling Bode.

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