Angie Patterson and Chad Michael Collins to star in Home Invaders

Chad Michael Collins Howlers

Angie Patterson and Chad Michael Collins (pictured above in HOWLERS) have signed on to star in a film to be directed by John Murlowski called HOME INVADERS. Can you guess what this one is about?

Written by Patricia Walczak, HOME INVADERS centers on 

a reluctant single mother who puts her career on hold to raise her best friend’s daughter. She restores an old house in the mountains in order to host a new Bed & Breakfast only to find one of the guests has a very deadly agenda.

Patterson's character is named Robyn Flynn, and I assume she's the single mother mentioned in the synopsis. Collins will be playing Drew, a contractor who helps with the house renovations.

There have been a lot of home invasion movies released in recent years, but I'm not feeling tired of the concept just yet. The idea of a home invasion is a simple but terrifying thing to base a film around, and I'm always interested in seeing how filmmakers will handle it.

Angie Patterson


Extra Tidbit: How does HOME INVADERS sound to you?
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