Anne Hathaway and Tom Rothman start Spielberg's Robopocalypse?

After wowing us as Selina Kyle in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, it seems Anne Hathaway is circling the lead female role in Stephen Spielberg’s ROBOPOCALYPSE. If she gets the part she could be joining the God of Thunder himself, Chris Hemsworth, who is negotiating for the male lead.

In related ROBOPOCALYPSE news, soon-to-be former Fox chairman Tom Rothman announced he will be producing the film:

“If you are in politics, you dream of a call from the White House, in baseball, from the Yankees, in movies, from Steven Spielberg. Robopocalypse is the kind of important epic entertainment, a big movie with big ideas, that Steven does better than any filmmaker on earth."

Adapted by CLOVERFIELD writer Drew Goddard from the book by robotics PhD Daniel H. Wilson, ROBOPOCALYPSE seems like a right fit for the man behind PROMETHEUS and the director's previous MINORITY REPORT. Spielberg himself commented:

“When someone like Tom is a free agent, you snatch him up fast. He has proven himself to be a necessity of this industry. At Fox he had already been an enthusiastic partner on Robopocalypse, and it is to our advantage that he would come produce this film with me.”

In the long term, it sounds like Rothman and Spielberg are putting together their own TERMINATOR-style epic with some very talented people in front of and behind the camera. In the short term, I get to post a sexy picture of Anne Hathaway. Check her out, along with a synopsis for the film, below.

In a futuristic world where computer minds and robots are in everyday life, mankind finally creates the first mass intelligence computer brain; Archos escapes from captivity with the intent of preserving "life" and the world, even if this means wiping out the human race in order to do so. The story follows the events of several characters as they form the human resistance and fight back against "Big Rob" and the machines.

Extra Tidbit: Spielberg does onscreen apocalypses pretty well. WAR OF THE WORLDS was an intense, dark flick despite all its family schmaltziness.
Source: THR



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