Apocalyptic comedy Hot is streaming now

In THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW, the apocalypse might be cold, but today it's HOT. The end-of-the-world satire HOT is streaming exclusively on VHX starting today. The indie flick has been microbudget since the beginning, and its debut is another benefit of the alternative distibution system provided by the Internet.

Says producer Dallas Sonnier:

Every filmmaker hopes to premiere their project at Sundance and sell to Netflix in a bidding war, but the statistical likelihood of this happening is microscopic.  Once reality takes hold, you still have a movie that you love and believe in.  We have experienced first hand the vast limitations of some distributors, and I was long impressed with filmmakers like Jeremy Gardner who embraced distribution through VHX successfully on his film THE BATTERY.  Since we made this highly experimental film HOT for less than 100k, it felt organic to embrace a DIY nature for distribution, take control of your film’s destiny and get creative by launching the film on VHX.

Here's to hoping we get to see even more cool indie flicks thanks to VHX. Check it out RIGHT HERE!

HOT is a comic yet ultimately devastating look at an apocalyptic future Los Angeles torn apart by a dangerous virus, most of its victims left unconscious to die slowly. Life-long best friends Jones (Steven Strait) and Benny (Zachary Knighton) are holed up in an ostentatious penthouse with Jones spending his days caring for his comatose fiancée (Kate Siegel). Their only connection to what remains of the outside world is a militia member named Horn (Noah Segan) tasked with patrolling the city for newly infected citizens. Benny grows increasingly jealous of Jones, and strikes a deal with Horn to procure Benny his own girlfriend...albeit, in a coma.

HOT was adapted and directed by Victor Warren from a play by Daniel Keleher. 

Extra Tidbit: Will you be watching HOT?



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