Archie vs. Sharknado comic crossover shark-tacular hitting shelves in July!

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In what could be the craziest comic crossover since...well, "Archie vs. Predator", we will soon see Archie and the Riverdale gang facing their biggest and baddest threat ever in "Archie vs. Sharknado" in July, according to Deadline.

Written by SHARKNADO trilogy director Anthony C. Ferrante, with art by Archie’s Dan Parent, a huge fan of the SHARKNADO films, the upcoming “shark-tacular” 48-page comic issue will be released in comic shops, and digitally, the same day Syfy unveils SHARKNADO 3: OH HELL NO!, on Wednesday, July 22.

It’s a first comic book treatment for Sharknado, but far from the first crossover of Archie and company. Archie has crossed over with Marvel's "The Punisher", met the rock band KISS in 2011, and is facing down the Predator in a current release. And that's just a few of the crossover in "Archie" comics long run. "Archie vs Sharknado" is sure to be a huge hit as well.

SyFy Ventures vice president Jeff Li shared...

“The Sharknado franchise has soared in popularity due partly to the variety of great celebrities, who bravely encounter this unnatural menace. Sharknado survivors come in all forms. It’s only natural that Archie and the gang will get a chance to save their town from flying sharks.”

Here's hoping that Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, and the rest of the gang in Riverdale gets to meet Fin (Ian Ziering) along the way in their mis-adventure. Now that would be awesome for SHARKNADO fans (and I count myself among their legion).

Unfortunately the stop in Riverdale won’t be seen in the Syfy telecast. SHARKNADO 3 will cause mass destruction in our nation’s capital before roaring down the Eastern Seaboard  to Orlando, where the sharks will do battle with Jerry Springer, NSYNC singer Chris Kirkpatrick and WWE star Chris Jericho. The third iteration of the improbable hit stars Ian Ziering as Fin, Tara Reid as April and Cassie Scerbo as Nova. Joining them will be David Hasselhoff as Fin’s father and Bo Derek as April’s mother.

Look for SHARKNADO 3: OH HELL NO! and "Archie vs. Sharknado" on July 22.

Extra Tidbit: Will you be picking this comic up in July?
Source: Deadline



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