ARQ trailer: Amell and Taylor are stuck in a home invasion time loop

ARQ Rachael Taylor Robbie Amell Tony Elliott

When I first started reading the plot description for writer/director Tony Elliott's sci-fi thriller ARQ, it wasn't really grabbing me. A dystopian future, a couple working on experimental energy technology, it didn't sound like something I'd be in a hurry to check out. But then the description takes a turn that puts ARQ firmly in Arrow in the Head territory and makes me very interested in watching the Netflix original film when it debuts on the streaming service later this month.

In a future where corporations battle against sovereign nations over the last of the world’s energy supplies, young engineer Renton and Hannah find themselves attempting to save an experimental energy technology that could end the wars. The catch is, the technology has created a time loop that causes them to relive a deadly home invasion over and over again. They must figure out how to stop the time loop and come out of it alive.

Robbie Amell and Rachael Taylor star as the beleaguered couple. 

The concept of a home invasion is terrifying enough as it is; add in the fact that the victims have to relive it over and over again and I am definitely intrigued. The trailer, which can be seen below, makes it look like this story was pulled off in a very interesting way.

ARQ will be making its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 9th, then will be available for viewing on Netflix as of September 16th.

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