Arrow in the Head Presents: Zardoz screening in NYC!

If you live in NYC, or are willing to come here for a really cool event, then Arrow in the Head has got a very special screening for you this week!

ZARDOZ is a bizarre futuristic 1974 John Boorman picture starring Sean Connery, Charlotte Rampling, Sean Connery's moustache and a bevy of simply indescribable characters and images that must be seen to be believed. If you know the film, then you're familiar with what I'm talking about. If you DON'T know it, well, maybe it's time you were introduced!

The screening of ZARDOZ, which is hosted by yours truly, will take place on OCTOBER 19th at 92YTribeca at 10pm. Tickets are $12 - a mere bag of shells, really - and I'll be giving away special prizes before the film.

Here's a more detailed description of ZARDOZ, although honestly, you cannot accurately "describe" this experience:

A resident of 23rd-century Earth becomes involved in a revolution after discovering the hidden truth about society's rulers in director John Boorman's sci-fi drama. Sean Connery plays Zed, the central rebel, who begins the film as a member of the Exterminators, a band of skilled assassins who exact a reign of terror over the lesser Brutals. The Exterminators answer only to their god, a gigantic stone image known as Zardoz. Haunted by doubt about Zardoz's true divinity, Zed chooses to investigate. His disbelief is confirmed when the god proves to be a fraudulent tool of the Eternals, a secret society of brilliant immortals who pretend to divinity in order to exploit the masses. Knowing the truth, Zed sets out to reveal the hoax and destroy the Eternals' unjust rule.

To purchase tickets and for all additional information, head on over to 92YTribeca's official site. Hope to see you there!

Extra Tidbit: Thoughts on ZARDOZ?!



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