Arrow Video to release the 1989 James Hong cult classic The Vineyard to UK DVD

The fine folks over at Arrow Video dropped the news that James Hong's intoxicating cult-horror classic THE VINEYARD will be released on DVD on Monday 10th June via their ArrowDrome imprint.

A startlingly tongue-in-cheek mix of action, body-horror and undead terror, THE VINEYARD comes courtesy of writer/director/actor James Hong – character actor extraordinaire and star of such genre favourites as BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA and BLADE RUNNER.

Crackpot scientist and celebrated winemaker Dr. Elson Po has made the ultimate discovery: the secret to everlasting life. As with all good things, however, there’s an inevitable downside; and a bunch of good-looking and horny youngsters, invited to Dr Po’s island under the premise of an "audition", are about to find out the hard way. As the vineyard starts to give up its dark secrets, these doomed teens will have to contend not only with Dr. Po and his kung-fu fighting henchmen but also with a rotting gang of marauding zombies!

Originally hitting the silver screen back in 1989, THE VINEYARD has aged gracefully (like a fine wine!), only now maturing into the bona-fide cult snifter that warrants the ArrowDrome treatment.

The newly re-vamped DVD release of THE VINEYARD comes complete with brand new artwork, a collector’s booklet featuring writing on the film by Calum Wadell, and the original theatrical trailer.

You can pre-order this film right now by clicking HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Have you ever seen THE VINEYARD? Will you be picking this DVD up?



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