Art House Theater Day event to include Phantasm screening

Phantasm Don Coscarelli

More than 185 theaters across the United States are going to be taking part in the inaugural Art House Theater Day on Saturday, September 24, 2016.

Among the films that will be screened in participating theaters on that date are the documentary DANNY SAYS, a one-day-only presentation of the GKIDS collection of stop-motion animated shorts A TOWN CALLED PANIC: THE SPECIALS, Terry Gilliam's fantasy film TIME BANDITS, and - of particular interest to us here at Arrow in the Head - PHANTASM: REMASTERED. The classic film has been given 4K restoration from the original camera negative and a brand new 5.1 audio soundtrack, a process that was overseen by JJ Abrams and Bad Robot.

The screening of PHANTASM will be accompanied by a special sneak peek of the fifth and final film in the PHANTASM franchise, PHANTASM: RAVAGER, as well as a tribute to late franchise star Angus Scrimm, who turned the series' villain The Tall Man into a horror icon.

PHANTASM creator Don Coscarelli had this to say about the event: 

When I made Phantasm three decades ago, the term "indie" didn't have the same positive connotations that it does today. But that's what Phantasm was. And in the decades since, the art house movement has cultivated an appreciation for independent films that break molds and push boundaries. That's why it doesn't surprise me that in 2016, art houses have embraced Phantasm and are giving it new life on Art House Theater Day. It's really a dream come true to see it playing in so many exceptional theaters on the big screen, the way I originally intended."

The complete list of participating theaters can be found at ArtHouseTheaterDay.org.

Phantasm Don Coscarelli

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