Artsploitation is bringing Killbillies in from Slovenia

Tomaz Gorkic Killbillies

Writer/director Tomaz Gorkic's KILLBILLIES may be the first horror movie ever made in Slovenia (where it's known by the title IDILA), but the English title may tip you off to the fact that the story is a version of a scenario that horror fans have seen play out before. 

Described as a "fresh, sadistic take on such classics as THE HILLS HAVE EYES and THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE", KILLBILLIES has the following synopsis:  

A group of fashionistas from the city, including models Zina and Mia, make-up artist Dragica and photographer Blitcz, begin to shoot on an idyllic countryside hilltop. But soon, two physically deformed psychopathic countrymen approach them and quickly attack. After the terrified group finds themselves chained in a basement and awaiting their gruesome fate, they decide they must fight no matter what the odds. A wild, bloody, taut clash ensues between urban and rural, women and men, between savages and civilized man.

The events may be familiar, but the fact that a country is getting into the horror game for the first time is a momentous occasion that makes KILLBILLIES a movie I want to see.

Thankfully, the U.S. distribution rights have been picked up by Artsploitation Films, and the release date is only two weeks away - Artsploitation will be releasing KILLBILLIES on DVD and VOD on October 25th.

Check out the film's trailer below, and if you're curious to see how Slovenia handles horror you can pre-order the DVD on Amazon.

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