Ash vs. Evil Dead directors bring horror to Orion's Casa

Ash vs. Evil Dead Lee Majors Bruce Campbell Diego Meza-Valdes Andres Meza-Valdes

Among the directors who worked on the third season of Ash vs. Evil Dead, the sibling duo of Andres Meza-Valdes and Diego Meza-Valdes stood out to me because the only directorial credits they had before their episode (one titled Apparently Dead) were on a handful of shorts and an episode of a show called No Seasons. Like Fede Alvarez going from making shorts to directing the EVIL DEAD reboot, the Meza-Valdes pair went from the world of shorts to directing a chapter in the Evil Dead saga, and their episode was even written by Sam Raimi's brother (and ARMY OF DARKNESS co-writer) Ivan Raimi.

Now the Meza-Valdes brothers are set to make their feature debut, as Orion Pictures has acquired their mysterious horror pitch CASA. All that's known about the project at this time is that it's a "socially conscious horror thriller" (thanks to GET OUT for making "socially conscious horror thrillers" a big thing right now) and

an intergenerational tale centering on a Latino family.

Diego Meza-Valdes had this to say about the deal:

My brother and I have been genre fans our whole lives growing up in Miami. We are excited that we get to make such a terrifying story with a filmmaker-supportive group and especially the Orion brand that we’re such fans of."

I don't know what to expect from this film, but the directors caught my attention with their Ash vs. Evil Dead episode and I'm looking forward to seeing more from them.

Source: Deadline



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