Ash vs. Evil Dead promo doubles as Shemp's Beer commercial

Bruce Campbell Ash vs. Evil Dead

When the second season of Ash vs. Evil Dead was about to premiere on Starz, the network released a handful of humorous viral videos in which characters from the show did commercials for Shemp's Beer, the beer of choice for evil-fighting hero Ash (Bruce Campbell). With the third season of the show soon to reach airwaves, Starz has now released another Ash vs. Evil Dead promo that doubles as a Shemp's Beer commercial.

Bruce Campbell, beer, Dana DeLorenzo with big hair - what more could you ask for? How about some Cutting Crew playing over the images?

A follow-up to Sam Raimi's EVIL DEAD trilogy, Ash vs. Evil Dead stars Campbell, DeLorenzo, Ray Santiago, Lucy Lawless, and Arielle Carver-O'Neill. The third season finds 

Ash, having gone from murderous urban legend to humanity-saving hometown hero, discovering that he has a long lost daughter who’s been entrusted in his care. When Kelly witnesses a televised massacre with Ruby’s fingerprints all over it, she returns with a new friend to warn Ash and Pablo that evil isn’t done with them yet. But evil will learn to never get in between a papa bear and his cub.

Season three starts airing on Starz on Sunday, February 25th.

Extra Tidbit: Will you be watching season 3?



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