Ash vs. Evil Dead promo introduces Lindsay Farris as Dalton

Ash vs. Evil Dead Ray Santiago Arielle Carver-O'Neill Bruce Campbell Dana DeLorenzo

There's a high school theme to some of the marketing of Ash vs. Evil Dead's upcoming third season, so it's quite fitting that the latest promo images show our hero Ash and other characters from the show getting their pictures taken.

In the images below we have, of course, Bruce Campbell as Ash, along with Ray Santiago and Dana DeLorenzo as his sidekicks Pablo and Kelly, Lucy Lawless as the evil Ruby... and the introduction of a new character, Dalton.

Played by Lindsay Farris, Dalton is 

the leader of an ancient order called the Knights of Sumeria who seek Ash to lead their fight against the Dark Ones.

Farris has a heartwarming connection to THE EVIL DEAD that goes back to his childhood. At the New York Comic Con last year, he said, 

My grandmother, when I was 13 years old, used to show me two movies and one was The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and one was Evil Dead so it was like a bonding experience… I’m just a fanboy who gets to be a fanboy in the show."

Also new to the series in season 3 is Arielle Carver-O'Neill as Brandy Barr, a young girl who happens to be Ash's daughter.

Ash vs. Evil Dead's third season begins airing on Starz on February 25th.

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