Ashley Bell calls Eli Roth's work on Last Exorcism 2 "masterful"

Another day, another dollar, another bit of BEGINNING OF THE END: LAST EXORCISM 2 news… Well, sort of. During promotion for her latest film, WWE Studios’ THE DAY, Bell dropped a few more tidbits about the much anticipated sequel.

When queried, her first reaction is to more or less the same as her response a few weeks back (in fact, you can read them verbatim here): “I can’t say any details. I’m so trapped in secrecy. I’m in it. It’s done. I feel like I get a call, twice a week, from a disembodied voice, just saying, ‘Don’t talk about the sequel.’”

Doesn’t give us much to work with, eh? While Bell refuses to divulge any bits about the film’s secretive plot, she does hype the product and its producer quite a bit: “… They’ve outdone themselves. It’s Eli Roth, Strike Entertainment and Studio Canal, and all of their minds again. Eli Roth is so masterful with the genre that he found a way to make it even scarier than the first one.” Bell also confirms her crazy contortionist stuff will be returning: "I, again, do all my own physical work.”

Listen, these bits don’t exactly shake the world of horror to its knees, but it does tell us that Eli Roth has taken the lead in producing this bad boy and seems to have exerted a fair amount of creative control over LAST EXORCISM 2. Part of the reason I enjoyed the original was because it felt so different from an Eli Roth film. The man’s history with sequels, specifically with the HOSTEL series, is spotty at best, but he was capable enough to produce LAST EXORCISM in the first place, so he has my trust here.

BEGINNING OF THE END stars Bell, Louis Herthum (also returning from the first film), Spencer Treat Clark, Andrew Sensenig, and Muse Watson. Ed Glass-Donnelly will be directing from a script co-written with Damien Chazelle.

Extra Tidbit: I'm still wondering why the original EXORCISM writers Andrew Gurland and Huck Botko, are not returning for this one.
Source: Collider



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