Attention "Walking Dead" fans: Here's your first look at Michonne!

Here she is, "Walking Dead" Heads: Michonne! As played by actress Danai Gurira, Michonne was introduced at the end of last season, briefly and memorably. In fact, only fans of the comic series knew who she was, while all others were left scratching their heads as a hooded, sword-wielding figure dispatched a zombie and saved Andrea's (Laurie Holden) life... But now we've got a clear look at the new character, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly.

Here's what "Walking Dead" executive producer Robert Kirkman told EW about Michonne: “The essence of the character — her personality, her motives, everything that makes Michonne Michonne — remains intact from the comics... But like a lot of things on the show, there will be little tweaks and differences here and there. We saw that her introduction is slightly different from how it was in the comic, and her interaction with Andrea is really going to be a really cool addition to the character that I think will get television viewers up to speed, and they’ll get to know her a lot faster than comic book readers did.”

Kirkman goes on to talk about another important "character" in the new season: the prison. “It looks absolutely amazing,” gushes Kirkman. “They are shooting the hell out of this prison. It just looks absolutely stunning, and I think when people start seeing trailers and stuff for this season, I think people are just gonna be like, “Wait, what? This is what? I can’t believe this is a TV show!” It’s really creepy, really moody and it’s just gonna be really awesome.”

Well, Mr. Kirkman is obviously saying all the right things; October can't slash in soon enough!

Extra Tidbit: What do you think of Michonne's look?
Source: EW



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