Avent Images moves forward with genre flick Black Butterflies; Brad Dourif stars!

The guys over at Bloody-Disgusting just got word on a new genre flick heading our way and I just couldn't help myself than to rush right on over to tell you about it!

Actually the flick seems kind of mediocre... but it's a slow news day so we're going to roll with it! Coming from director Brian Avenet-Bradley, the new project I'm getting at is coming at us courtesy of Avenet Images and is called BLACK BUTTERFLIES. The psychological thriller reads a little something like this:

The film focuses on Alex, a grieving alcoholic who finds his life turned into a nightmare when a Stranger decides to “help” him in very unorthodox ways.”

Laurence Avenet-Bradley will be producing with Andrew van den Houten set to executive produce. BLACK BUTTERFLIES has already got itself a cast that includes Gary Cairns, Brad Dourif, Nick Nicotera, Sienna Farall and Jennifer Blanc (below). Production on this little diddy is set to kick off this Summer. Van den Houten had the following to add regarding the project:

“‘Black Butterflies’ is totally fresh and unique. It carries a lot more weight and purpose than so many genre films getting made these days. I’m thrilled to be working with such edgy filmmakers like Brian and Laurence Avenet-Bradley.”

So what do you guys think? You jiving with BLACK BUTTERFLIES? Spit some bullets below and let us know as we wait for more from this one to spill our way.

Extra Tidbit: Brad Dourif is probably best known for voicing the homicidal doll 'Chuckie' in the CHILD'S PLAY movies.



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