Awkward Insidious 2 promo inserted into TV show; is this the future of advertising?

Below you'll find a very awkward bit of advertising for INSIDIOUS CHAPTER 2, and it just had to be shared. It went down on the ABC Family show "Pretty Little Liars" and, as you'll see in the clip, it involves two characters watching an INSIDIOUS commercial and then commenting on it. "This one looks even more terrifying."

Really? Is this what it has come to, having fictional characters talk up a film? Is this not the most transparent ploy possible? I know that it's getting tougher and tougher on advertisers to sell their product - anyone with a DVR can just zoom through the commercials without batting an eye - but this is borderline pathetic. Watch the awkwardness below.

Meanwhile, MSN has a new featurette about the making of INSIDIOUS CHAPTER 2, which can be seen here. In it, director James Wan and writer Leigh Whannell discuss the concept of astral projection; you'll also get a few new peeks at the thriller, opening September 13th.

Extra Tidbit: I hope we don't see Walter White giving an enthusiastic WE'RE THE MILLERS review on the next episode of "Breaking Bad."
Source: ShockTillYouDropMSN



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