Babysitter Massacre franchise expands further with a third sequel

Babysitter Massacre Henrique Couto

Just last Friday, we brought the news that writer/director Henrique Couto would be making two sequels to his Halloween-set 2013 slasher BABYSITTER MASSACRE (pictured above). One sequel, BABYSITTER MASSACRE II: SLAY BELLS, is set to be a direct follow-up to the first film that takes place two months later, around Christmas. The third film in the franchise will be BABYSITTER MASSACRE III: OVERNIGHT and is going to tell a different story with a different killer, taking the series into camp slasher territory.

These sequels are happening due to a Kickstarter campaign that went far beyond its initial goal - so far beyond, in fact, that Couto went ahead and added another sequel to the production slate. Couto will produce and serve as cinematographer on BABYSITTER MASSACRE: HEAVY METAL.

Written and directed by Dan Wilder, the fourth BABYSITTER MASSACRE will tell the following story: 

Billy Dragg breaks things off with his girlfriend and subsequently goes on a murder spree... but is he in control, or is the ghost of Viper, a dead heavy metal superstar, influencing Billy's actions?

Wilder had this to say about the project: 

I was beyond thrilled to be asked by Henrique to helm the fourth installment in the BABYSITTER MASSACRE franchise as my feature directorial debut! I can’t wait for all hard-rocking horror hounds to see what we have in store for them."

I'm excited to see all of these movies happen, but my excitement for the HEAVY METAL installment goes back to the fact that one of the cinematic inspirations for the first BABYSITTER MASSACRE was THE SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE, and that movie was followed by the amazing SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE 2, which had a supernatural rock star as the killer. When I heard of BABYSITTER MASSACRE: HEAVY METAL, it made me think, "Wow, that's like SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE 2!" SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE 2 is pretty unique, so it's not often you get to have a reaction like that.

There's a supernatural rock star killer in another of my favorite movies, TRICK OR TREAT (1986), so yeah, the fourth BABYSITTER MASSACRE is in very good company.

Rue Morgue got the exclusive first look at the poster for the HEAVY METAL sequel.



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