Badasses Dolph Lundgren and Michael Jai White will team up for R. Ellis Frazier's Repeater

We all love Dolph Lundgren around here, and the announcement of a new project starring the man is always exciting stuff!

Well the latest from director R. Ellis Frazier, REPEATER just got a lot more exciting as Dolph will star alongside the awesome Michael Jai White! It also has David Fernandez Jr on board as well; no other cast has yet been announced. Dolph posted the following on his website: “In March, I’ll be down in Mexico playing a South African bad-ass opposite Michael Jai White”

A casting call was also placed for the film, which gave a pretty sweet sounding plot description: A noted Man-Hunter and Killer-for-hire, John James Smith, goes on a fateful mission to the dangerous underbelly of Tijuana, Mexico in search of the most feared man in the world.

Sounds like a good fit to me, and I personally can’t wait to see Dolph and Michael together in a film! Speaking of which, Dolph noted that he is preparing for an action film called THE PACKAGE, co-starring Steve Austin. The man is one busy bee!

Monique Ganderton will also co-star with Dolph in THE PACKAGE

Extra Tidbit: Want to watch an awesome Michael Jai White film? Check out BLOOD & BONE!



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