Bait 2 is now Deep Water; synopsis unveiled

Back in early February we shared the sales art and synopsis for what was supposed to have been BAIT 2, the sequel to Kimble Rendall's goofy but fun sharks-in-a-supermarket thriller, but it seems that plans have changed as Moviehole has found the artwork (which you can see to the right) and a synopsis to the retitled thriller DEEP WATER.

Bait 2” has transformed into ”Deep Water”, a stand-alone thriller about a plane that goes down in the middle of the ocean… right next to deadly sharks, of course. The survivors of the crash have the plane to hide out in from the circling predators… but once that sinks, of course, anyone’s lunch.

Airline passengers trying to outswim hungry sharks? Hey, I'm down for it! Sounds like a goofy good time to me.

No director has been set as of yet. But we'll keep you posted on developments on DEEP WATER as the word comes our way.

Extra Tidbit: Does DEEP WATER sound like the kind of shark-themed flick you'd be up for seeing?
Source: Moviehole



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