"Baphomet" and "Closet" are the subjects of two new Lovely Molly clips

For those not too down with a premature blockbuster commencing in late May, perhaps Eduardo Sanchez's LOVELY MOLLY will be a nice antidote when hits theaters May 18th. We have two new clips from the flick below, both show signs of being from the man who gave us THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT 13 years ago. Cop a peek and see if you'd agree!

In the first clip, about 40 seconds are added to a clip we saw back in February. It's been dubbed "Baphomet" by the studio.

The second clip, titled "Scraming in the Closet," you can easily guess the setup. Molly hears mysterious noises seeping from her closet and decides to investigate. Always a smart move, right?

Starring Gretchen Lodge, Johnny Lewis, Alexandra Holden (below), Ken Arnold, Tony Ellis, Lauren Lakis, Katie Foster and Daniel Ross:

Newlyweds Molly (Lodge) and Tim (Lewis) move into Molly's deceased father's house in the countryside. An ex-addict with a deeply troubled past, Molly is strong in her new life of recovery. Unexplained disturbances in the night unnerve the couple, and when her husband goes away for business, Molly is left in a house that holds many painful memories. Her isolation is soon shattered by a malicious presence that unleashes a physical and mental assault.

Extra Tidbit: Which clip you find creepier?



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