Barry Levinson's The Bay gets new icky still and synopsis

I had almost forgotten all about Barry Levinson's biological chiller THE BAY, but thanks to the new images we caught last week - plus today's news - it looks as though we're seeing a resurgence of the film.

It has been announced that THE BAY will play at next month's San Sebastian Film Festival as part of the "Zabaltegi Specials" program. The official site for the fest has provided the above image from the film, as well as a new synopsis, which you can read below:

The new film by Barry Levinson (Rain Man, Sleepers) chronicles a small village engulfed by chaos. The quaint seaside town of Chesapeake Bay thrives on water. When two biological researchers from France find a staggering level of toxicity in the water, they attempt to alert the mayor, but he refuses to create a panic in the docile town. As a result, a deadly plague is unleashed, turning the people of Chesapeake Bay into hosts for a mutant breed of parasites that take control of their minds, and eventually their bodies.

Lionsgate snatched up the rights to THE BAY back in April of last year, but we're still unsure of when the masses will be exposed to this one. That said, the fact that it's beginning to show at festivals (it's also slated to screen in Toronto next month) indicates THE BAY may be closer than we think.

Extra Tidbit: Hard to believe that Levinson has directed what is essentially a found footage parasite flick at the age of 70!



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