Bates Motel season 2 reserves a March premiere

If you've been patiently awaiting word as to when "Bates Motel" would be re-opening for business then we've got some good news for you as A&E has revealed that the hit show will have its season 2 premiere on March 3 2014, so it's time to start making your reservations!

We've kept you up-to-date on news regarding "Bates Motel", including the casting of a major trio of new guest stars checking in for season 2, including "Alias" star Michael Vartan as a new love interest for Norma, "Hung" star Rebecca Creskoff as Norma’s first real female friend Christine, and "Sons of Anarchy" vet Kenny Johnson as Norma’s estranged and abusive brother Caleb. Additionally, "Boss" star Kathleen Robertson has been announced for a mysterious new role, PERCY JACKSON's Paloma Kwiatkowski will portray a new love interest for Norman, and TRANSFORMERS and "Grey’s Anatomy" star Michael O’Neill will play Miss Watson’s vengeful father.

So mark your calendars for the grand re-opening of "Bates Motel" on March 3. I can't wait to see what kind of surprises Norma and Norman have in store for us this year!

Extra Tidbit: Are you stoked for the return of "Bates Motel"?



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