Battle Royale will not be a CW series

Last August, we reported BATTLE ROYALE was being turned into a television series. Now, we've learned from TV Guide Magazine that it is quite the opposite-- there is no BATTLE ROYALE series being developed.

CW boss Mark Pedowitz has apparently shot the rumors down: “Forget what you heard about #TheCW developing #BattleRoyale," TV Guide Magazine reports. "CW boss Pedowitz says it was a single phone call that went nowhere. #tca13”

The previous report had Pedowitz say development was chalked up to a single phone, so that is consistent with reports. Besides, did any of you really think U.S. network television can get away with something as ultraviolent and dark as BATTLE ROYALE? Methinks Pedowitz was trying to piggyback on the headlined success of the very similar THE HUNGER GAMES. Anyway, the project is dead and it is probably for the best. Agree or disagree, talkback with your thoughts below.

Extra Tidbit: Has anyone here seen BATTLE ROYALE 2? If so, is it worth checking out? I always loved the first one, but no one ever talks about the sequel...
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