Ben Wheatley follows up Kill List with cops vs. monster movie Freak Shift

By all accounts, Ben Wheatley's hard to categorize new thriller KILL LIST is one of the best genre films to come out all year (read how Eric felt about it HERE). As the film releases on VOD today, the British filmmaker (above) caught up with The Playlist to discuss the film, as well as upcoming projects he has in the works. Among various endeavors, Wheatley mentioned a cool sounding monster-movie called FREAK SHIFT he's developing. Check it...

"It's a cops versus monsters thing we're doing," told Wheatley to The Playlist. "We're doing test shoots and storyboards and rewrites at the moment on that. I'm hoping 'Macrobane' (a Nick Frost film) first and then getting at 'Freak Shift' at the end of this year or the beginning of next year."

He continued:

"I've been down to the army surplus store buying up all of the chemical warfare suits...It's actually not chemical warfare. You get these things for jumping out the side of helicopters -- it's like a half all-in-one, half wetsuit. It's fucking amazing." We figured that these suits would be perfect for battling monsters, but Wheatley says they serve a more specific purpose: "You don't want to get blood on you or you'll get infected."

Nice. This Wheatley cat is quickly becoming a must watch director, between this, DOWN TERRACE and KILL LIST, and all the other projects he seems to be churning out. For more, click HERE to read the entire article.

KILL LIST cutie MyAnna Buring

Extra Tidbit: You get a chance to see KILL LIST yet? What's the verdict?
Source: The Playlist



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