Benderspink & Roddenberry Entertainment adapting graphic novel Days Missing

Well folks it's another day. So you know what that means, right? Another graphic novel adaptation on the way!

More often then not these graphic novel adaptations fall flat on their face. We've seen one to many examples of that to deny it. But sometimes... once and a great while... there's actually an adaptation thrown together that kicks all kinds of ass. Hopefully DAYS MISSING will fall into that category.

News coming in from Deadline New York today has Benderspink and Roddenberry Entertainment teaming to bring us an adaptation of hit graphic novel DAYS MISSING. But the kicker here is we won't just be getting a movie based on this shite. Oh no. It looks like we'll actually be getting a television series too! Aiming kind of high, aren't we? Here's hoping this shite works out!

Days Missing is an accounting of extraordinary 24-hour periods of time that have changed the course of humanity’s evolution, but have been erased from human memory by a mystical and ancient being known as The Steward. These “days missing,” recorded in the annals of The Steward’s library, represent a lost human history that explains much more about who we are than we ever knew.

Apparently the comic has a second installment called DAYS MISSING: KESTUS and a third on the way tapped DAYS MISSING: ENOX so I suppose there's plenty of material for a TV show and a movie.

What says you guys? Familiar with DAYS MISSING? Excited for this news? Spit some bullets below and let us know how you're jiving with this as we wait for more updates on this project to roll our way.

Extra Tidbit: The last Roddenberry project to hit the big screen was STAR TREK, which starred Zoe Saldana (above).
Source: Deadline



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