Bill Paxton's Aliens armor to be auctioned off next week

It was only back in February of the past year that we delivered the sad news that FRAILTY director-star Bill Paxton had died at the age of 61. Things got a bit brighter when we shared a post about James Cameron, Sigourney Weaver, and others remembering Paxton, but the whole mess still hurts.

It is with this in mind I bring you the news that there is an eBay auction taking place in the near future and it may or may not be a bit of bad taste. I'm on the fence about it. I guess people can sell whatever they own, whenever they want to, so fair enough. And it is to be noted that they waited a good four months to sell off this bit. Good for them.

Turns out Bill Paxton's armor from ALIENS is going up for auction on eBay starting June 28th. The starting bid is set at 10K so you're gonna have to be a big shot to fit into Pvt. Hudson's duds - but we already knew that.


LOT 1338 Seller's Estimate: USD 10,000 - 15,000

1338. Bill Paxton “Pvt. Hudson” Colonial Marine armor from Aliens. (TCF, 1986) Original hero screen worn Colonial Marine body armor created for Aliens production by legendary armorer Terry English. Consisting of pressed aluminum panels, cast resin components, web belting and plastic buckles. Including 2-sided chest and back armor of aluminum linked together at the sides by black web belting. Tri-tiered pauldrons of aluminum with comfort padding also attach to the chest and back plate with rivets and web belting. The entire body armor assemblage has been painted in green military camouflage. James Cameron instructed each actor playing marines to personalize their uniforms, in character, as homage to soldiers of the Vietnam war and for the practical purpose of distinguishing characters from each other onscreen. Paxton wrote Louise on his body-armor as a nod to his wife. There are also paper decals and stencil text in the breast plate. Included is Paxton’s combat helmet with affixed prop camera lens on the right side, head microphone and retractable eye-piece that drops from the brim of the helmet in front of the right eye. All pieces are expertly studio distressed with signs of production wear and some missing plastic clasp buckles. A piece of Alien franchise history, worn by Bill Paxton, a favorite big screen Marine. In vintage very good condition. $10,000 - $15,000

If you are Mr. Money Bags, or you're just curious about the whole thing, you can check out the official auctions eBay page right HERE. After that let us know what you think of Pvt. Hudson's armor being auctioned off on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram!

RIP Bill Paxton

Extra Tidbit: What is your favorite Bill Paxton movie?
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