Billy Zane stars in zombie comedy Evil in the Time of Heroes, trailer here!

Need more Billy Zane in your life? What a silly question… The Zane is set to star in the Greek zombie comedy EVIL IN THE TIME OF HEROES, which is hitting VOD later this month.

Guts and gore, brutality, blood, dark humor…and a serious helping of Billy Zane can all be found in excess in EVIL IN THE TIME OF HEROES, writer/director Yorgos Noussias’ outrageous zombie apocalypse action-horror extravaganza set in his native country Greece.

Here's the plot:

An ancient evil has transformed the population of modern-day Athens into flesh-hungry undead—just as it did nearly 3,000 years earlier. A rag-tag group of four survivors—a taxi driver, a pair of hot-blooded soldiers, and a doctor—must shoot, stab, decapitate, vivisect, impale and just plain bulldoze their way through swarms of insatiable zombies, not to mention a bunch of nasty, degenerate humans. They receive some unexpected help from the ancient world in the form of immortal cloaked hero Prophitis (Titanic’s Billy Zane, in an Obi-Wan Kenobi-like guest appearance!), who arrives to randomly slice and dice the zombie horde and impart the wisdom of the ages upon the surviving humans.

Check out the trailer below, looks pretty insane. EVIL IN THE TIME OF HEROES hits VOD on March 25th.



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