Billy Zane vs. a killer leprechaun?! Read more about Red Clover!

The headline is pretty much all you need to know, but I'll expand a bit: A few months ago we heard about a new leprechaun-themed horror flick tentatively titled, yes, LEPRECHAUN. Now, as we're all well aware, a modern day classic already owns that title, so it remained to be seen which direction the flick, from director Drew Daywalt and scribe Anthony C. Ferrante, would go.

According to Daywalt's Facebook page, the film is now called RED CLOVER (it had toyed with the less-imaginative ST. PATRICK'S DAY LEPRECHAUN for a while as well). The flick is set to star Billy Zane (playing "Sheriff Conor O'Hara"), Willian Devane, Kelly Washington Courtney Halverson and Kevin Mangold as the leprechaun. All due respect to the others, I was sold at Zane.

Here's the synopsis for RED CLOVER: Sixty-six years ago, the town of Irish Channel in Louisiana was the site of a horrible massacre on St. Patrick’s Day. Some blame a terrible storm that blew through the town, but those that were there don’t speak of the truth. Due to petty superstitions, St. Patrick’s Day festivities were banned for the last 66 years, but now, the new Mayor wants to tempt fate and celebrate.

After Dark Films and Syfy have collaborated on this pot of gold, so you can expect to see it on the latter's channel at some point in the near future. We'll keep you lads in the loop when we get some more on this little green bastard.

Courtney Halverson

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