Blade and Gallowwalkers star Wesley Snipes released from prison

PASSENGER 57 is no longer Inmate #43355-018. One of the most badass cats in the industry, BLADE star Wesley Snipes, is a free man once again. Well, kind of...

Fox News has reported that the GALLOWWALKERS star was released from prison this week but will remain under house arrest until this summer. The 50 year old action king was serving a three-year-sentence in Pennsylvania for failing to file his federal income tax returns. Snipes began his sentence on Dec. 9, 2010. 

Snipes was released on April 2 and transferred to the New York Community Corrections Office, which will oversee his home confinement. Home confinement (aka house arrest) will end July 19, and we're hoping that he'll have a stack of scripts to choose from when this little mess is behind him.

It's gonna be great to have Snipes back in front of the camera where he belongs!

Extra Tidbit: Are you excited to see Snipes back in action in the near future?
Source: Fox News



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