Blade Anime star Harold Perrineau says he would love to play a live-action Blade

You guys are aware that there's a kick-ass BLADE ANIME that G4 is working on right now, right? Of course you are. Well are you also aware that BLADE ANIME star Harold Perrineau wouldn't mind wielding that sword in live-action for another BLADE film? Well now you are!

Perrineau recently had a chat with The LA Times regarding the new anime and was asked if he thought a new BLADE film could be on the horizon. Here's his response:

"You know what … I would shave my head and get into the gym tomorrow if they said that I could play Blade. I’d be in the gym pumping iron, doing kung fu… I would love to play Blade live-action. I think the character is ridiculously cool. I’m never going to be as cool as Wesley Snipes was, but I’d give it a shot."

Mind you this doesn't mean it's happening. Far from it actually. Although another BLADE film has been teased in the past... so you never know. Especially in this industry, right?

To see what else Perrineau had to say about the property, including other Marvel anime and his comparisons to Wesley Snipes, head right over HERE. As always as soon as we hear any other inklings regarding a new BLADE flick you'll be the first to know!

Extra Tidbit: Harold Perrineau is probably best known as 'Michael' from "Lost," which also stars the gorgeous Evangeline Lilly (above).
Source: LA Times



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